Teknisk information

Vårt första vindkraftverk är ett MW Enercon E-82 med 98 m tornhöjd med lokalisering på Granberget i Robertsfors.

Så här ser specifikationerna ut, hämtat från www.enercon.se

Specially designed for medium wind speeds, the ENERCON E-82 wind turbine – with the new rotor blade design and tower versions up to 108m hub height – guarantees excellent yields in the 2 MW category, even at inland sites.

Rated power: 2,000 kW
Rotor diameter: 82 m
Hub height: 78 – 138 m
Wind class (IEC): IEC/NVN II
Turbine concept: Gearless, variable speed, variable pitch control
Type: Upwind rotor with active pitch control
Direction of rotation: Clockwise
Number of blades: 3
Swept area: 5,281 m2
Blade material: Fibreglass (epoxy resin); Integrated lightning protection
Rotational speed: Variable, 6 – 19.5 rpm
Pitch control: ENERCON blade pitch system, one independent pitching system per rotor blade with allocated emergency supply
Drive train with generator:
Hub: Rigid
Main bearings: Dual-row tapered/single-row cylindrical roller bearings
Generator: ENERCON direct-drive synchronous annular generator
Grid feeding: ENERCON converter
Braking systems: – 3 independent blade pitch systems with emergency supply
– Rotor brake
– Rotor lock
Yaw control: Active via adjustment gears, load-dependent damping
Cut-out wind speed: 28 – 34 m/s (with ENERCON storm control)
Remote monitoring: ENERCON SCADA